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Inovation and Competitiveness in Agri-Food Supply Chains

Track Coordinators: Valentina Materia, Liesbeth Dries, and Stefano Pascucci (Wageningen University). 

COMPETE is an EU funded project aiming at delivering a coherent and innovative evaluation of competitiveness of European food chains by integrating various new approaches. Based on this, the research results allow to deduce a congruent, coherent and consistent set of policy recommendations aiming at improving competitiveness and promoting the Knowledge Based Bio-Economy in Europe.

        We welcome contributions from project partners as well as colleagues and research teams external to the consortium, particularly suiting the following themes:

        (1) Conception and indicators of innovation and competitiveness in the agri-food sector.
We aim to discuss and develop a comprehensive definition of two key concepts, namely innovation and competitiveness, by integrating the findings from selected theoretical micro and macro approaches. In this respect the conventional conception of innovation and competitiveness will be extended by moving from the industry to the value chain perspective and by considering commodities as well as intermediary and final products. We also welcome application to empirical analysis, especially where the EU position on world markets is discussed in relation to that of major competitors (US, BRICS, etc.).

        (2) Determinants of innovation and competitiveness in the agri-food sector.
We aim to analyse the determinants of innovation and competitiveness. These may include policy intervention and business environment, productivity in agriculture and food processing, the functioning of domestic and international markets, the choice of governance structures and innovative activities. We seek to extend the state of the art by deepening the theoretical background, and/or extending methodological approaches or applying novel empirical methods. The analysis of the determinants contributes significantly to a better and deeper understanding of innovation and competitiveness, and their interrelation, and the deduction of policy recommendations.

        For further information about the COMPETE project please use this link: http://www.iamo.de/compete/.




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